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Fusion Dance Academy x DREAM

Fusion Dance Academy // East Los Angeles, California

Instagram @FusionPDAcademy // 1260 E. Goodrich Blvd., Commerce, CA

Fusion Dance Academy is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization that uses the arts to develop life and learning skills through movement, rhythm and music. With this, children learn discipline, self expression and cooperation. FDP is an afforable dance arts facility and offer the East Los Angeles community classes in ballet, contemporary, Jazz Funk, and Hip-Hop, as well as a home base for a Folklorico dance company, Resurreccion Mexican Folk.

Fusion Dance Academy holds a special place in DREAM Complex's heart because it was one of our first organizations to collaborate with for our program. Kassy Francis, who is our Director of Community Outreach was an instructor, coach and a continued Board Member for FDP.

For 2019, DREAM Complex and Fusion Dance Academy has decided to partner in hosting a monthly workshop for the students of FDP every last Thursday of the month. Check out our experience with these students.

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